Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddys Day

As far as I can remember my dad has always been there for me. To support me, love me, teach me, etc. Hes done everything he possibly could for me and my mom and sisters. He definately earns the title of being a GREAT FATHER and GRANDPA! I love my dad soo much and I just want to make him proud. There is no words to explain how much I appreciate and love him. My dad taught me how to drive, to help others in need and many other things. He's always had my back. Most importantly my parents taught me to be independent. If I wanted something I simply achieved it. There was no such thing as failure. Having a fathers love surround you is so hard to explain. It brings tears to my eyes how much I am grateful to call him "my dad".

I am so sure that my daughters are going to feel the exact way I feel for my dad, for their dad. Their dad is an amazing dad!! Happy fathers day to the best dads that I know; My babe and My dad!!! ♥

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